Update on seedlings!

So I think I started my seeds around March 26, and its been since Apr 3 that I posted any photos or gave an update.

Most of the seedlings are progressing well.  I was away in Victoria for a few days and they got a bit dry (I left instructions with Brian not to overwater them, since I thought he might be too enthusiastic.. apparently that made him overcautious 🙂 ) The only casulties were the morning glories, which probably should have been transplanted before I left anyways.  And since they grew so fast, I can start more later 🙂

We transplanted the seedlings into larger containers last thursday. Here are some before and after pictures.



I also started a few more seeds, because I got some yellow cherry tomatoes and black beauty eggplant from a friend. I also started a couple more black cherry tomatoes, because the first ones I started didn’t look nearly as healthy as the hybrid tumbling cherry tomatoes.  Could just be the difference in variety though.  Will have to see how they turn out.

Here’s a boring picture of them pre-sprouting. More exciting pictures to follow, I promise 😉


2 thoughts on “Update on seedlings!

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