Some interesting websites/blogs I have been checking out

First, in planning our veggie gardens, I remembered about companion planting at the last minute. this resulted in a few minor modifications to our plans, although when you have limited space it’s hard to follow all the guidelines 🙂

The Tippolly Farm website had a pretty good chart

And the following Wikipedia article is pretty good:

Also, I had a bit of a dampening off scare with my F1 tumbler tomatoes. Dampening off normally happens with baby seedlings, but i was still pretty concerned whern my mature tomato plant seedlings began to wilt. Anyways, I found this really good blog post:

I will have to post more pictures of my seedlings soon. The tomatoes I planted in early April have started to spend time  in the back sunroom as of today! Hopefully in about a week they will be hardened off enough to plant in the garden!


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