Crab Apple Blooms at Dows Lake

Last Saturday (May 12) we took a walk through Dows Lake (arboretum) and I took my camera because on previous dog walks I had seen that the crab apple trees were just about to bloom. I managed to get some pictures, but maybe not as many as I had originally hoped.  I had planned to take pictures of each tree, and also take photos of the names.  Last year when we were shopping for a crab apple tree I found it really useful to be able to view so many different specimens in one spot.  The wind and Mika ended up destroying the crab apple tree we bought (a Thunderchild crab apple in case anyone’s interested), but its nice that I can still go to Dows and appreciate the trees there 😉

Here is a link I found with a description of the various crab apples available, and some photos of the crab apples at Dows. The first 3 photos are of the Thunderchild Crab Apple.


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