Spring Bulbs – Back Garden

I dug out a new perennial bed in the back yard last fall, and since I basically had a clean slate, I decided to plant a bunch of bulbs.  Here’s the list of what I planted, listed in approximate order of flowering.

  • 20 Mixed Crocus
  • 10 King of the Blues Hyacinth
  • 10 Passiondale Tulip (purple)
  • 10 Calgary Tulip (named after my birthplace! – white slightly scented tulip with curly leaves)
  • 10 Thalia Mini Rock Garden Daffodil (white)
  • 10 Purple Sensation Allium

I tried to pick out scented flowers when possible, and the Hyacinths and daffodils were definitely scented! The Hyacinths in particular made the whole backyard smell nice.  Anyways, it turned out pretty good, but I don’t think many of the bulbs I planted will perennialize well.  Oh well, I guess that means I get to do more bulb shopping this fall! I really want to try some pink tulips with the daffodils, like I saw at Dows  Lake. And I think the bulbs will look better next year when there are some other perennials emerging in the same garden bed.


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