Spring Bulbs – Front Garden

Last fall I got my act together and planted a bunch of bulbs.  I decided that for the front garden, I would try a low maintenance approach and get some tulips that are known to perennialize.  This means that they return year after year with blooms, and even multiply.  When I planted the bulbs, I even noticed that some had doubled or tripled (i.e. three bulbs for the price of one!).

The tulips I planted out front are called Holland’s Glorie, a Darwin Hybrid.  They were tall as advertised (maybe a bit taller than ideal) and an orangey-red.  A bit more orange in them than I was expecting, but they still go with the overall color theme I usually have going on in that garden bed.  And I’m very glad that they are low maintenance – I wont have to plant any tulips in that garden this fall (although I will have to wait until next spring to confirm that they come back  with as many or more blooms!).  Here are some photos taken earlier this spring and on May 5.  The two yellow tulips are leftovers from last year 🙂


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