New Perennial Garden!

I’ve been dreaming about it all winter, and over the May long weekend, I finally planted out my new perennial garden:)

Last summer it was a test patch to see if the dog would stay out of it, and it contained the three massive day lillies I dug out of the front garden.   The test garden was a success (Mika was surprisingly good), and so the daylillies were moved beside the compost pile last fall (they mask it quite well!) to make way for a new garden.  In the fall, the garden was planted with spring bulbs (see previous post).  The bulbs have now faded (with the exception of the alliums, which are early summer flowering) and so on the weekend I decided it was time to do some shopping and plant the perennials on my wish list.

Here are some pictures of the garden from further back, and a picture of the daylilies hiding the compost pile.

And here’s the list of what I bought, with close-ups of the plants. I’ve also linked to plant profiles I found on the web so that its easier to find out more about each of these plants.

2 Annabelle Hydrangea.  I wanted to try an Endless Summer Hydrangea as well, but at twice the price I couldn’t commit.  Also, I’ve read that Annabelle Hydrangeas are one of the hardiest, and bloom on new wood.  In fact, they should be cut back completely each winter, because they bloom on new wood.

Festiva Maxima Peony.  Supposed to have amazing large blooms with fuchsia flecks. (Its the plant in front – don’t think I’ll get any blooms this year).

Karl Rosenfield Peony.  I’ve admired the deep fuschia color of this plant in other people’s gardens, and so wanted my own.  Also, the fuchsia should complement the fuschia specks in the centre of the Festiva Maxima Peony.

John Cabot Explorer Rose.  Developed in Ottawa as part of an Agriculture Canada rose breeding program, this is supposed to be a super cold tolerant rose that is quite disease resistant.  It can also be trained as a climber, which is great, since I planted it right next to a fence.

Magnus Superior Coneflower.  I love coneflowers, because of the spectacular late summer flowers.  This variety is supposed to be an improved version of the pink classic.

Primadonna White Coneflower.  I thought that this would complement the pink coneflower and the other white flowers well.

Royal Candles Spike Speedwell. I wanted more purpley-blue flowers, and this one looked pretty cool.

Perennial Sage Salvia Nemorosa Marcus. Another spikey purpley-blue plant.

Dwarf Bearded Iris ‘Blueberry Tart’. More purpley-blue.

White Bloody Cranesbill (hardy gerananium). Small white flowers which should complement the other white flowers.

These new additions are rounded out by the plants I bought at the Civic Hospital Parks Committee Plant Sale, the Purple Sensation Aliums I planted last fall, an astilbe I relocated, a Spotted Dead Nettle (Lamium maculatum ‘Pink Pewter’) that I already had and divided up, and some annual Alyssum (Carpet of Snow) that I started from seed. See pictures below and in previous post.


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