Update on the Perennial Garden – July 7

The new perennial garden is looking good.  Unfortunately I haven’t kept up with the pictures to track its progress though! I don’t have any pictures of the rose blooming, but it did have a lot of fuchsia flowers in early June.  The Royal Candles Spike Speedwell and the Perennial Sage Salvia Nemorosa Marcus also flowered, as did the White Bloody Cranesbill (hardy gerananium) and Spotted Dead Nettle (Lamium maculatum ‘Pink Pewter’).  The peonies didn’t flower this spring, probably because they are a very early blooming plant and I planted them too late in the year.  Right now though, the hydrangeas are blooming and they look great. As good or better than I expected.  I am glad I went with the Annabelle Hydrangea instead of the Endless Summer Hydrangea.  It turns out that I like the white flowers and that it is a bit bigger.  Also, it was a third of the price :). It looks good next to the Red Monarda, which is also blooming.

I am keeping my eye out for deals and discounts at garden centres so that I can fill in some of the gaps.  I also am trying to track when there’s not a lot in bloom so that I can find new plants that will bloom when the plants I already have do not.  So far on my list for early July are daisies and phlox.  For fall, I am thinking about asters.  For more silvery foliage I am debating Russian sage (or something smaller).  I suspect that next year it will fill out more as well because the plants will be more established.


One thought on “Update on the Perennial Garden – July 7

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