New additions to the perennial garden :)

So despite having some plants on my wish list, I ended up with a few impulse purchases on a trip to Canadian Tire the other day.  Most of the plants were at least 20% off so I used that as justification 🙂

Here’s a summary of what I bought, with links to more info from elsewhere on the web.
Artemisia camphorata ‘Powis Castle’ – I did want an artemisia, so this one was kinda on the list.  It already looks beautiful in the garden and its gray leaves complement the lambs ears and spotted deadnettle.  I’m just a bit worried because although the tag on the plant says zone 2-3, the lowest zone rating I’ve seen online is USDA zone 4 and most say 6. I hope it survives the winter! It should also get a bit taller (up to 3 ft).

Campanula persicifolia ‘Grandiflora Alba’ – Also known as peach leaf bell flower, it is a June-July bloomer with very tall white flowers on a short compact plant.  Can’t wait for it to flower next year 🙂

Malva sylvestris ‘Zebrina’ – Also known as striped mallow, it has beautiful pink flowers with purple stripes on long stalks. Flowers from June to Sept, so I’m still happy even if Canadian Tire misled me on the zone for this plant as well.  It says zone 3 but according to most websites, its zone 6.  Apparently it rarely comes back the following year, but freely seeds (we’ll have to see if this is a good thing!).  I guess finding all this out afterwards is the price you pay for impulse buying.

Aster dumosus ‘Pink Bouquet’ – Supposed to get about 1 foot tall and be covered in pale pink flowers.  It’s already about 2 feet though, so maybe that’s with pruning.  Should hopefully bloom this year in the fall.

Veronica spicata – Also known as speedwell.  I have a dwarf version already, but wanted a bigger one for the garden.  Its supposed to bloom from June to Aug, and it has been blooming for 2 weeks now. The plant tag didn’t give the specific variety name, but it is supposed to get up to 60 cm tall so I think it might be ‘Blue charm’.

Geranium macrorrhizum Walter Ingwersen – Blooms in spring, and has bright pink flowers. Supposed to be good in the front of borders and as a ground cover. It supposedly turns a vibrant orangey red color in the fall as well.

Delphinium elatum ‘Aurora Light Purple’ – I wanted more tall plants, and this one should be a good one for the back of the flower bed to fill in some of the holes.  Its supposed to get up to 90 cm tall with big bushy blue flowers.  Although it supposedly blooms in early summer, looks like I might get some late summer blooms, but definitely not on 90 cm stalks!

And here are a few shots of the rest of the garden taken July 30.


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