Arctic Wildflowers

I recently had an opportunity to travel to the Arctic for work.  While I didn’t spot many living things in the barren and open landscape, there were still flowers! Most were very tiny, but still quite beautiful.

The photos are from a few different places in Nunavut, including Baker Lake, Iqaluit and Resolute.  Its amazing that there are still wildflowers in Resolute when its less than 1000km from the North Pole!

If you click on the photos, you should be able to view them as a slideshow.


Some gardening inspiration from our trip to the Mediterranean

I can’t even attempt to name the plants in these pictures (about all I can identify are the orange, lemon and olive trees), but they were pretty spectacular. The gardens we spotted in Dubrovnik while walking along the town walls and the pink flowering vines in Mykonos and Santorini were probably the most memorable. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Crab Apple Blooms at Dows Lake

Last Saturday (May 12) we took a walk through Dows Lake (arboretum) and I took my camera because on previous dog walks I had seen that the crab apple trees were just about to bloom. I managed to get some pictures, but maybe not as many as I had originally hoped.  I had planned to take pictures of each tree, and also take photos of the names.  Last year when we were shopping for a crab apple tree I found it really useful to be able to view so many different specimens in one spot.  The wind and Mika ended up destroying the crab apple tree we bought (a Thunderchild crab apple in case anyone’s interested), but its nice that I can still go to Dows and appreciate the trees there 😉

Here is a link I found with a description of the various crab apples available, and some photos of the crab apples at Dows. The first 3 photos are of the Thunderchild Crab Apple.

Tulip Festival 2012

So its hard to keep up with blogging when its so nice outside! Not to mention a particularly busy time of the year gardening wise!

A couple weekends ago we went and checked out the Ottawa Tulip Festival at Commissionaire’s Park, right beside Dows Lake.  Tons of beautiful blooms and tons of people! Makes me realize we are very lucky to live in such a great location.  We are only a few blocks away and this is one of our dog walking routes.

Here are some pictures I took.  My favorite displays were the combination beds.  There was this great white daffodil and pink tulip display, which I am going to try to replicate (I think I have the same daffodils already in my backyard perennial garden).  There was also a bed with muscari and orange tulips, which looked very cool together.



Dows Lake – Magnolias are blooming!

So I took some pictures a couple weeks ago of the magnolia’s blooming at Dows Lake, but am just getting around to posting them now.  Next up – tulips and crabapple blooms!

This weekend is the first of three weekends for the Tulip Festival, so I plan to take some pictures soon.  I walked by a couple times last week and there are already some tulips out, but the light conditions haven’t been great for taking pictures (I prefer taking pictures on sunny days, and there haven’t been too many of those lately!)

Easter 2012 – My mom’s garden

I also took a couple pictures of my mom’s garden while I was in Victoria.  Daffodils were out, the cherry tree was just finishing blooming, and there was a ton of beautiful pink heather flowering.  While I was there I got to prune dead catmint growth from last year and pull a dead plant out of the ground 🙂 I should have taken more photos of the backyard… maybe next time I’m there I’ll remember to do that!

Easter 2012 – Garden at Hatley Castle

I spent the Easter long weekend visiting my family in Victoria, BC.  While I was there, we visited the garden at Hatley Castle.  While less well known than Butchart Gardens, the gardens are absolutely beautiful and open to the public.

Every time I go back to visit, my parents usually take us on a walk to visit.  Its also somewhere that they bring family friends and relatives to see when they are in town.

Here is a link to the website for the castle and Hatley Park

Its been a few years since I’ve visited the gardens in spring.  The rhododendrons in particular were spectacular, as were the hellebores.   Below are some pictures. Enjoy 🙂